Les Plushis Voyagent En France
Friday, 12 September 2014

Meet the unlikely trio of comrades. To the left is Ernestine. She's a bit boho and rather dreamy.

Les Plushis Voyagent En France
by Helen

In the middle is Claude. He's a bit of a geek and likes his computer. He also rather likes Ernestine, but doesn't know the right moves.

And on the right is Ziggy, the cool kid on the block.

They all got together through the 100 Project, and would like to help make a difference to children who have been ill. So they decided to go on a photo shoot to France.

Here they are at a restaurant, planning the journey.

Careful planning is essential, so here they are, consulting the map. They are heading for the south of Brittany. Ziggy is happy counting all the surf beaches. Ernestine practises sunbathing while Claude is wondering if there will be wi-fi connection.

They are on their way! They stop at Buckfast Abbey en route. This is a Catholic monastery, so Claude thinks they should take in a bit of culture before arriving in Catholic France.

Oh, this is a nice picture! Everyone smiling and looking really happy at the Travelodge (well, almost everyone). The ferry sails early, so they are staying at Saltash the night before.

The intrepid travelling trio are on board, watching Plymouth Harbour as the boat sails off. It's very exciting.

Ziggy catches up with a bit of reading.

And here they are, on a lovely sunny day in Pont Aven!

Back at the gite, Claude does his best to get into the spirit of things.

Ernestine, meanwhile, has been to the hypermarket.

So they settle down on the work top for a picnic. Don't drink too much wine!

Uh oh! On y on......here comes trouble. Meet Antoine. He is a bit of a local folk hero, with an eye for the ladies!

Antoine was out fishing one day in his boat, when his fishing line snagged something big. It turned out to be a cable car, floating at the mouth of the Aven River. There were three Plushis on board.

Rumour has it that they were riding up a mountain in the French Alps when a plane hit the cable. It became tangled in the plane fuselage, taking the car with it.

Eventually the cable car dropped into the sea at Port Manech.

Antoine thought he had caught a shark, so he towed it upstream to Pont Aven, where he was given a hero's welcome.

Lovely to be by the seaside! Ernestine and Antoine get acquainted at Le Pouldu.

Ziggy is getting rather a streaky suntan!

So it's down to the beach for a spot of surfing.

Back at the gite, things are hotting up between our boho chick and her smooth talking French suitor.

Claude doesn't like it at all. Was it really that easy to impress Ernestine? The more he thinks about it, he realises what he has to do.

"Has it come to this?" He roars. "Baguettes at dawn, then!"

Unfortunately, Antoine thinks he has been invited to a picnic.

Whereupon Ernestine thinks he's a total wimp, while her darling Claude is a super hero!

Meanwhile, Ziggy isn't one to see a perfectly good picnic go to waste, so he and Antoine tuck in. Bon appetit! Bon Voyage, Plushis!