The American Songbook
Sunday, 28 February 2016

We're very excited to announce that at 6pm on Sunday, 6 March, one of our fabulous 100, Hannah Davey, will be hosting a jazz gig at Bethesda Church on Great Norwood Street in Cheltenham. Hannah will be accompanied by Tom Lindsay Music on piano, so this gig really will be a treat.

We've mentioned Hannah before, and those of you who came to our gallery event at Maggie's Cheltenham will no doubt remember Hannah's beautiful voice as she serenaded us through the evening.

Since then Hannah's been performing with the Derek Paravicini Quartet, releasing a superb album of classics in October 2014. If you're free on 27 February, the Quartet is performing at Cheltenham College!

Generously, entry to the event is free in return for a donation to The 100 Project at the end!

If you have a few minutes or need some soothing music to end the weekend with, look for the Derek Paravicini Quartet on Amazon, iTunes, or Google Play Music.

If you have any queries, feel welcome to email us at