Cotswold Way Challenge - Part 1
Saturday, 11 July 2015

It's with a sense of sadness, but not a sense of failure, that Leigh, Will, and I took the decision to end our Cotswold Way Challenge earlier today.

Yesterday we covered around 30 miles in 10 hours, walking into the night and finishing in the dark at gone 10pm.

At 7:15 this morning we set off again, from Dowdeswell, and with aching muscles, painful feet, but still with a happy mood, we made slow progress until around 4pm.

Truthfully, I was slowing the others down, managing around 2mph as my feet and legs were giving up. I've done a lot of endurance stuff before, and know that my brain is more than capable of yelling, "Body! Shut up, and keep going!", but after four hours in pain my body made its own mind up.

We stopped at Painswick Cricket Club, a couple of miles from our eventual stopping point, to discuss our options. I was ready to stop there & then, but Leigh and Will suggested we stop in Edge, meaning that we'd have covered half the distance, at least.

Even though we went through many gates on our walk, Leigh is still rubbish dealing with them, by the way.

I still don't like walking, but the last two days has been, honestly, amazing fun. I've seen Cheltenham from all directions, walked more in two days than I usually do in a month.

There is more news to come, but for now, the Cotswold Way Challenge is paused, not over. We're not quitters - we were simply beaten by Mother Nature and her incredibly beautiful countryside.