The Plushi Story

Plushis are a little bit shy, so you might not have met one before. If you have, you will know that they are very happy and kind creatures, born to help people feel better.

Have you ever lost your favourite t-shirt? Have you ever wondered what happens to the "it-was-here-yesterday" socks and "now-where-did-I-put-that" jumpers?

They start off exactly where you left them, but they don't grow feet and walk off! Instead, something very strange and magical happens...

During the day, when nobody is around, things start to move towards your bed! They are pulled by an odd thing called "Sideways Gravity". Scientists can't explain it. The theory is "what goes left must go right".

Scientist are very baffled by how this happens, but it happens nonetheless. Days and weeks and months go by, and the pile gets bigger! When the pile of clothes is big enough and it has been there for the right amount of time, the filemagic starts to work...

... sparks and stars and glitter appear ... the pile twists and turns like a whirlwind until ... 3, 2, 1, POOF! The pile of clothes turns into an animal called a Plushi!